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Defintions - So what do you mean, really?

When something is accessible (handicapped accessible), it is built (made) so that people with disabilities, such as loss of hearing, loss of sight, loss of ability to walk, run or walk up stairs, are able to make use of the thing. (The thing can be a house, a school, or even a web site.) Those that may have temporary similar needs also benefit from structures (things) that are accessible.
To abolish something is to put an end to it. The abolition movement was an organized effort to do away with legalized slavery. Someone who thought that slavery was wrong and should be end was called an abolitionist. Many abolitionists believed so strongly about this that they took action that they believed would lead to laws being changed so that slavery was illegal.
noun: the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing, the properties or attributes by means of which something can be placed in its proper class or identified as being what it is. Basic.
Essence is the true part of something or someone. It is so basic and so much a part of the thing or being (person) that without the essence, the thing or being does not exist as itself.
Example: A cup is created to hold substances (stuff). If a cup is so cracked and full of holes, and cannot hold solid or liquid stuff at all, if it's essence is it's ability to hold (contain) stuff and it cannot do this, it cannot be a cup. Sentence: I broke my brother's Mickey Mouse cup, but after super-gluing it back together, it held his hot chocolate and it's essence of cupness was saved.
    * *Ok. This is really a tough one. Figuring out what the essence of something or someone is hard to put into words, hard or impossible to touch and feel. People often disagreed about what the essence of something is. For example, you might think the essence of friendship is loyalty, while your friend might think the essence of friendship is truthfulness.
adjective: constituting essence, of the utmost importance, basic, indispensable.
If something is essential, it cannot be done without.
Example: The color green is a blending of blue and yellow. So, if you want to make green, you must have blue and yellow. Sentence: Both yellow and blue are essential to creating green.

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