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NEW! MATH RESOURCES - directory of Math related websites.

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NEW! Math Cats
Creative, open-ended math explorations. Math Games. Math Crafts. Math Pals. Cat stories. Math Art Gallery. Writing contests. So much great stuff we just can't describe it all.

The Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math
The Answer Grape of math questions. FAQ, and math info search.

Anneburg/CPB-Everyday Math
When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you're using math principles. People have been using these same principles for thousands - even millions - of years, across countries and continents. Whether you're sailing a boat off the coast of Japan or building a house in Peru, you're using math to get things done.

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science
Located at The Ohio State University, and is funded through a contract with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Choose your connection to explore this site for the best selection of K-12 mathematics and science resources on the Internet!

Platonic Realms™. What is an abacus? What did Euclid discover? Find answers to these and other questions with this browsable math encyclopedia.

Math Stories and Proofs
For over 350 years, some of the greatest minds of science struggled to prove what was known as Fermat's Last Theorem -- the idea that a certain simple equation had no solutions. Read the intriguing story of an 18th century woman mathematician who hid her identity in order to work on Fermat's Last Theorem, and demonstrate that a related equation, the Pythagorean Theorem, is true.

Mathematics and Molecules
MathMol - beginners molecular modeling.

American Mathematical Society
Founded in 1888. (Wow! Other than your great-aunt Mary!) About 30,000 members throughout the United States and around the world. They want you to know about the value of math.

Curious and Useful Math!
Tricks & rules for quickly calculating math problems. Some of it's Useful and some of it's Curious.

How long does Infinity last? Math is a live science with new discoveries being made every day. Mathematicians experiment and play with creative and imaginative ideas.

The Pi Trivia Game
Test your knowledge of history, mathematics, and even a little physics. Fun pi-related questions.

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